Rosetta Stone Helps Global Citizen Year Accomplish Their Mission

August 19, 2015 Rosetta Stone Enterprise and Education

Global Citizen Year web 300x222What if you could have spent a year between high school and college immersed in a foreign community, accomplishing good works while expanding your world view?

Global Citizen Year is a non-profit that recruits and trains high school graduates for a transformative “bridge year” before they head off for college. In this year, GCY’s Fellows are immersed in the culture of communities in Africa and Latin America, contributing to local education and other efforts while gaining invaluable international experience to aid in their futures. So far, in only five years, Global Citizen Year can count 350 alumni.

This kind of program obviously brings with it a set of complicated language challenges. Luckily, Global Citizen Year forged a partnership with Rosetta Stone.

While Fellows worked in their new communities, they were also using Rosetta Stone products to study the languages needed to communicate with their new neighbors. In a recent video, Fellows thanked Rosetta Stone for their support by showing off their new language skills while giving a glimpse into what a “bridge year” looks like.

Local Senegalese students are shown working with GCY Fellows on their studies. Participants also describe some of their favorite local foods and the transformation the Global Citizen Year experience is providing in their lives.

The Global Citizen Year program aligns wonderfully with the mission of the Rosetta Stone Enterprise and Education division. America’s students need to develop global cultural competence and language skills in order to compete in the world’s economy. Once those skills are developed, these students will come back home and become leaders in their own communities.

Training before and during a bridge year specifically includes entrepreneurship and global development aspects that make sure Fellows will go on to contribute to the economy and, hopefully, spread the mission of global competence through their employers or in their own companies.

We’re proud to help Global Citizen Year accomplish their mission—helping to create the next generation of global leaders.

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