[Interactive Infographic] How Language Impacts Business

June 9, 2016 Rosetta Stone Enterprise and Education

BUS ImpactSurvey 440x325 WBG 1606 comp1 300x222We recently completed the 2016 Rosetta Stone Business Impact Survey. We wanted to know just how valuable corporate language learning is to the people who would know best – our customers!

The results of the survey will be shared in a variety of ways (including an in-depth ebook), but we’re really excited about our interactive, animated infographic. Check out the How Language Impacts Business infographic here!

81% of people take some sort of language courses before they start a career, usually in high school or college. Yet, only 46% said they were amply prepared to use that language once they reached the workplace. That’s a big disparity.

We already knew how the survey respondents have chosen to rectify that situation (with our products), but just what kind of results are they seeing? That’s what the survey and the infographic discuss.

Language learners tend to experience marked benefits in four work skills: confidence, performance, productivity, and customer service. We show you which industries and job positions see the biggest gains in those areas.

Then we switch to the opposite view – what value do employees feel language training has provided them. In previous projects, we’ve seen that language learning provides employees with feelings that:

  • They are more engaged in their work
  • They are better prepared to advance in their careers
  • They have expanded their worldview (important in today’s multinational economy)
  • They are more likely to remain with their current company

We show you which employees are more likely to have these views.

Finally, we asked about every employer’s current challenge – hiring and keeping millennial employees. We found out just how much these coveted workers value language learning and their development in general.

We feel as if this survey has shed some light onto what’s going on in today’s modern workplace and we’re really excited to share the results with you.

Check out the How Language Impacts Business infographic here!

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