Bringing HR and Lines of Business Together: Meet Cynthia, HR Director

June 9, 2015 Rosetta Stone Enterprise and Education

SHRM, SHRM2015, HR Director, Global BusinessThis is the first in a series focusing on two personas in a company, the head of HR and the Global Managing Director, using the Rosetta Stone Driving Global Readiness Toolkit to improve the language skill set of the company’s employees and helping to fulfill the strategic goals of both departments.

Meet Cynthia.

She is the Director of Learning & Development for a growing company that is looking to further expand its operations globally. Although she likes the work and the company, she finds it hard to be treated as a crucial member of the staff. She sees a shift in that dynamic as crucial to her professional growth.

To some, she is a cost center rather than someone who helps to make the growth of the company possible. She’s out to change that perception. Because of her and her team, employees are better able to hit their KPIs. The up-and-coming talent in the company are able to grow as professionals within the company rather than looking for greener pastures elsewhere.

The company’s presence overseas has been growing consistently in the past decade or so. Not only have offices been established elsewhere, but more and more foreign employees have started to be onboarded at the domestic offices. Cynthia sees these changes as a microcosm of worldwide business as a whole. 70% of the Global 1000 of non-English speaking. In order to compete, the company’s employees need to be able to communicate.

What can she do about it?

To her knowledge, the company has never had a formal language training program. On an ad-hoc basis, employees who were anticipating an expatriate assignment would fit the bill for their own training and then be reimbursed, but Cynthia’s department has never facilitated any language learning solution. Certainly not on the scale at which she assumes the company now needs, considering its foreign investment.

What she wants is a systematic approach to figure out the organization’s needs and how to address them. To operate on the scale she’ll need, she will require a partner within the company who will not see her language learning program as just another expenditure, but as crucial to their goals moving forward. It’s time for Cynthia to find a seat at the table.

Next time: Meet Jack, the company’s Global Managing Director

Cynthia and Jack will be working with our new Driving Global Readiness Toolkit, which has all the tools you need to assess your organization’s language learning needs and plan for addressing those needs.

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